Record long waiting times for citizenship

Record long waiting times for Canadian Citizenship

Permanent residents who applied for Canadian citizenship are experiencing record long waiting times for processing their applications.
According to CIC website the total processing time from the receipt of your application to the Canadian citizenship ceremony is approximately 21 months, based on 80% of the applications from July 2011to June 2012, but many permanent residents a reporting that they are waiting more than 2 years already. However, if you are experiencing longer waiting time than 21 months you can contact them, but that will not speed up your application. This is a problem for permanent residents because they have to renew their permanent resident cards, if they plan to travel which will cost an additional 50$. The government extended the period first from 12 to 18 months and now to 21 months.

Free Citizenship Test Canada

Welcome to Citizenship Test Canada website. This free practice Citizenship Test Canada online consists of 20 multiple choice questions from the book Discover Canada 2011, on which the citizenship test is based. Visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada web site for more information. Important: Read the Discover Canada 2011 Study Guide to make sure you pass the citizenship test. When you take the real citizenship test Canada you must  answer correct at least 75% of 20 questions, which is 15 correct questions. Good luck becoming a Canadian Citizen!
Free Citizenship Test Canada online based on the Discover Canada 2011 booklet. This citizenship test will help you memorize most of the information you will need to know on the date of your actual citizenship test.
The real citizenship test Canada evaluates two important things:
  1. Your knowledge of Canada . Government, Geography e.t.c.
  2. Your language abilities, either French or English.

Knowledge of Canada
The citizenship questions are on subjects such as:
  • right to vote and right to run for elected office in Canada
  • procedures related to elections in Canada
  • rights and responsibilities of a Canadian citizen
  • Canadian social and cultural history and symbols
  • Canadian political history (including the political system and institutions)
  • Canadian physical and political geography 
Language abilities
CIC staff will observe, if you have adequate ability to communicate in either English or French.
  • your ability to understand basic spoken statements and questions
  • your ability to communicate basic information or respond to questions.
Results from the test
You will get the results of your test right after you take it. You will have a short interview with a citizenship officer. If you pass and meet all others requirements for citizenship, you may be given a ceremony date at the same time you get your results. If not, a letter with the date and time of your ceremony will be mailed to you. At the ceremony, you will take the oath of citizenship and receive a certificate of Canadian citizenship.

Enjoy our Free Citizenship Practice Test Canada!