Free Citizenship Test Canada

Welcome to Citizenship Test Canada website. This free practice Citizenship Test Canada online consists of 20 multiple choice questions from the book Discover Canada 2011, on which the citizenship test is based. Visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada web site for more information. Important: Read the Discover Canada 2011 Study Guide to make sure you pass the citizenship test. When you take the real citizenship test Canada you must  answer correct at least 75% of 20 questions, which is 15 correct questions. Good luck becoming a Canadian Citizen!
Free Citizenship Test Canada online based on the Discover Canada 2011 booklet. This citizenship test will help you memorize most of the information you will need to know on the date of your actual citizenship test.
The real citizenship test Canada evaluates two important things:
  1. Your knowledge of Canada . Government, Geography e.t.c.
  2. Your language abilities, either French or English.

Knowledge of Canada
The citizenship questions are on subjects such as:
  • right to vote and right to run for elected office in Canada
  • procedures related to elections in Canada
  • rights and responsibilities of a Canadian citizen
  • Canadian social and cultural history and symbols
  • Canadian political history (including the political system and institutions)
  • Canadian physical and political geography 
Language abilities
CIC staff will observe, if you have adequate ability to communicate in either English or French.
  • your ability to understand basic spoken statements and questions
  • your ability to communicate basic information or respond to questions.
Results from the test
You will get the results of your test right after you take it. You will have a short interview with a citizenship officer. If you pass and meet all others requirements for citizenship, you may be given a ceremony date at the same time you get your results. If not, a letter with the date and time of your ceremony will be mailed to you. At the ceremony, you will take the oath of citizenship and receive a certificate of Canadian citizenship.

Enjoy our Free Citizenship Practice Test Canada!


canada test said...

Thanks, that's probably one of the best and most complete Canada Citizenship Tests I've passed.

Anonymous said...

Hurray:)I just received letter that I've passed my citizenship test.Thank you!

Anonymous said...

My exam is next thursday and iam so nervous.. i just had a baby and i dont have time to read the book. is this website enough? are those commomn questions in the exam? thx for your help.

Admin said...

Yes the questions on the website are the common questions on the exam. Good luck on your test.

Anonymous said...

My exam is on next Thursday Oct 27
People says some of questions mandetorily to attend and must be correct. How I know that questions?

Admin said...

There is no more mandatory questions. This was before.

Zoy's said...

biosphesis this at least 90% similar to the actual test.

Anonymous said...

My test is today at 1 pm will see how it relates to the practice here

Anonymous said...

My test will be for a week. Are the questions current? How many % I need to pass the test? Thank you :)

Admin said...

When you take the citizenship test you must answer correct at least 75% of 20 questions, which is 15 correct questions.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i have been using this site to prepare for my next week's test. I just wanted the Admin knows that when it come to the question, Which is the official Opposition Party? I always answer Liberal, but for some reason i always have incorrect after submitting though it is said Liberal, hope i make sense.

But over all, thank you for this site, I feel more confident for my exam, FINGER CROSS!

Aisha Shabir said...

Hi my test is next week is this site still enough for me to prepare for the test?