Canadian Citizenship Ceremony

Citizenship Ceremony Program
The Canadian Citizenship Ceremony is the celebration of you becoming a Canadian Citizen.

After passing your Canadian Citizenship Test, you will be invited to a Canadian Citizenship Ceremony. At the Citizenship Ceremony, you will formally accept the rights and responsibilities of Canadian Citizenship. You can invite your friends and family to this solemn and joyous occasion. If you want you can write your citizenship story and share it with your fellow new Canadians and guests at the ceremony.

You must attend and take the "Oath of Citizenship", if you are 14 years of age or older who is becoming a Canadian citizen. Children under 14 years of age are also welcome, but they don't need to attend.

What should you bring at the Canadian Citizenship Ceremony?
Bring your "Notice to Appear" which you received in the mail, after passing your Citizenship Test Canada, your Permanent Resident Card (PR Card) and your Record of Landing (IMM 1000) or Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292).

How to dress?
At the Canadian Citizenship Ceremony the appropriate dress is business attire, you may also choose wearing ethnic dress.

About the "Oath of Citizenship"
Don't try to memorize the oath, if you don't want to. You will be asked to repeat the oath after the citizenship judge during the ceremony. You will be given your certificate of citizenship package and asked to sign an "Oath of Citizenship Form", after taking the "Oath of Citizenship". Your certificate of citizenship is wallet-sized with your photograph on it. This is your official proof of citizenship.

Your family and friends can take photographs at any time during the Canadian Citizenship Ceremony, the exception here is only when people take the "Oath of Citizenship". After the ceremony is over you can take photographs with the citizenship judge.

Canadian Citizenship Ceremony 2011

Canadian Citizenship Ceremony 2011

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