The Justice System

Canada's judicial system is founded on the presumption of innocence in criminal matters which means everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The legal system is based on the rule of law, freedom under the law, due process and democratic principles.

Canadian laws are intended to provide order in society, a peaceful way to settle disputes, and to express the values and believes of Canadians. The law applies to everyone, including police, politician and judges. The courts settle disputes. There are different types of courts in Canada - federal court, provincial courts, family courts, small claims courts, traffic courts, but the highest court is The Supreme Court of Canada.

The police enforce the laws and keep people safe. There are different types of police in Canada:
  • Provincial police forces in Ontario and Quebec.
  • Municipal police departments in all provinces.
  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is the provincial police in all provinces and territories except Ontario and Quebec.

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