New Discover Canada Study Guide Released

Canadians Receive New Discover Canada Citizenship Guide

"Discover Canada: the Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship", is the new Citizenship and Immigration Canada guide. It was released on March the 14th for permanent residents in preparation for their Citizenship Test Canada.

The last Discover Canada Citizenship Guide was released in November 2009. The new guide replaces the one from last year, with updated content related to Canadian values, Institutions and history.

The newer version will help those wishing to become Canadian citizens have a good understanding of the values that are integral to Canadian history and society and their rights and responsibilities.

Values are stressed along with responsibilities regarding obeying Canadian law, respecting the rights of others and equality of men and women in Canadian society.

There is one new section added regarding gay rights which was not included in the previous version. The new guide entitles equal protection and equal treatment to lesbians and gays, along with the right to civil marriages.

The document also states that Canadian tolerance does not include "barbaric cultural practices". The guide defines these as honor killings, abuse of a spouse, forced marriages, genital mutilation of females or any type of violence related to gender.

Regarding those coming from violent or war-torn homelands, they are told to leave violent and extreme behavior in their old country.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney showed off the guide to new citizens yesterday in Vancouver, but said he didn’t personally order the information removed.

Additional questions will be added to the citizenship test to reflect the new information added to the study manual. You can download the new Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship from here

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